CLOSING DATE: 14 Days from 5 May 2011.

Reporting Office: Head Office and Dodoma.
Reports To: Principal Officers of the sections,ICT Manager, Communication
and infrastructure and Zone Business Application Specialist.
Start Date: One month after the initial advertisement.

1.BUSINESS/SYSTEM ANALYST 2POSTS (HEAD OFFICE)REF.NO 41Reports to: Principal ICT Innovation and Research
As part of ICT team a successful applicant will play crucial role in successful evaluation,
selection and implementation of ICT systems to support the TANESCO Business Units.
Responsible in defining software requirements, specifications, and guide program
design and development. He/she will supervise software development, maintenance
team of analyst, and programmers.
1.Undertaking analysis of current software products and determining approaches,
which will improve their user interface, performance and integrity.
2. Carryout modeling to visualize and determine current and future needs, through
bringing awareness to business partners of its trends and best practices. Developing
appropriate business cases to support business unit goals and strategies.
3. Analyzing new software requirements and defining /designing program parameters
and specifications by ensuring that the correct business functionality and
requirements are addressed within the application by doing the following:
a. Assisting in identifying and producing projects metrics to be used in tracking
project success.
b. Completing all aspects of user acceptance testing.
c. Reviewing end user documentation and training materials.
d. Assisting in the preparation
4.Applying Business Unit change control policies and procedures. Correcting and
escalating issues in a timely ,logging tracking and prioritizing system issues.
5. Ensure technical integrity of the design in accordance with the clients’ requirements.
6. Documenting current business processes and developing detailed business user
requirements and workflow procedures.
7. Analyzing new business intelligence requirements and prepare formal specifications
to deliver the required solution.
8. Respond to service Desk referrals of end –user requests for help. Being the first point
of contact in regards to the implementation of new and /or existing it applications.
Key Knowledge, Experience and Skills required.
• Holder of Bachelor of Science degree (Bsc) in Computer Science, Computer
Engineering, or Information Systems or its equivalent from recognized
• Holder of certificate in Certifications in MSCE
• At least two (2) years of working experience in ICT field.
• Experience with tier-one applications, databases such Oracle 10g, MS-SQL
Server Crystal.
• Demonstrated ability with MS Windows,UNIX,and Linux operating system
• Strong ability to analyze user requirements.
• Strong understanding of Relations Database structure, theories, principles
and practices
• Full project management and development life cycle experience
• Experience with data processing flowcharting techniques.
• Experience working in a team-oriented collaborative environment.

2.SENIOR BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SPECIALIST 1POST REF.NO 42Report to : Principal Business Intelligence and Continuity Specialist
The incumbent will provide technical support in strategically design and implement BI
software and systems including integration with databases and data warehouses. This
will include selecting, blueprinting gathering requirements, designing and rolling out
BI solutions to end users you also be responsible for insuring high levels of BI
availability through support functions and in-depth testing.
1. Assess and cultivate long –term strategic goals for BI development in conjunction
with end users, clients and other stakeholders
2. Lead projects in the implementation and use of new BI software tools and
systems and integration efforts for merging BI platforms with enterprise systems
and applications.
3. Assist in design of database and data warehouses to ensure interoperability
with BI solutions.
4. Analyze user requirements based on findings, design functional specifications
for BI front –end application.
5. Design, Code, test, and document all new or modified BI systems, applications
and programs.
6. Develop reports and report definitions, graphs and portal interfaces.
7. Design and deliver end –user training and training materials provide technical
support as necessary.
8. Troubleshooting BI tools, Systems, and Software performance-tune these
applications as necessary.
9. Evaluate and select database/data warehouse components, including hardware,
relational database design solutions.
10. Conduct research and make recommendations on BI products Services, and
standards in support of procurement and development.
11. Analyze and implement the contingency plans and procedures that can enable a
system to be recovered quickly and effectively following a disruption or disaster.
Key Knowledge, Experience and Skills required
• Holder of Bachelor of Science degree (BSC ) Computer Science, Computer
Engineering ,Information Systems or its equivalent from recognized institutions
• Minimum 3 years of working experience in a reputable company
• Certification in MSCE in any field is an added advantage
• Comprehensive data ware house analysis and design experience, with full
knowledge of data warehouse methodologies and data modeling.
• Experience with tier-one applications, databases and data warehouse. such as
Oracle 10g, MS SQL Server, Crystal.
• Demonstrated ability with MS Windows, UNIX , and Linux operating system
• Strong understanding of relational database structures, theories, principles, and
• Full project management and development life cycle experience.
• Experience database design applications, including in-depth technical
knowledge of network.
• Experience with data processing flowcharting techniques.
• Experience working in team-oriented, Collaborative environment.

3.REGIONAL BUSINESS APPLICATION OFFICER-DODOMA REF.43Reports: Zone Business Application Specialist.
The successful candidate will be responsible for administering business systems,
operations and all other ICT services in the Region to ensure systems are available to
users and operate at optimum level. Monitoring securing maintaining and
troubleshooting regional ICT infrastructure that include network, intenet access, email,
billing and telephone systems.
1.Monitoring securing, maintaining and trouble shooting regional ICT infrastructure
that includes network and its elements internet access, email, billing and telephone
2. Providing continuous feedback to zone business application Specialist regarding the
priorities and status of work being performed within specified region.
3.Responsible in creation of network and email, accounts for new users as well as
deletion of user accounts for retired and terminated users.
4. Keeping and electronically documenting the ICT assets inventory lists and ensures it
is up-to-date
5. Responding and assisting Service Desk referrals for both internal and external
customers requests by providing expert advice and assistance to all ICT policies
6.Training users on how to use ICT facilities while maintaining the standards of ICT
infrastructure by monitoring the performance of the network and checking for ICT
Policies breaches.
Key Knowledge and skills required
• Holder of BSc. degree in computer science, Computer Engineering, Information
Technology or its equivalent from recognized institutions.
• Minimum of working experience of 1- 2 years in Information Technology in a
reputable organization.
• Experience in various ICT Package and product.

Reports to: Manager ICT Communications and Infrastructure
The incumbent will proved technical support to the communication infrastructure,
collaboration, workstation, installation and maintenance of communication equipments
in TANESCO network. Focuses on task projects and procedure to maximize availability
of corporate network infrastructure, and use of appropriate hardware objects, projects
and technologies.
1. Lead and participate on communication,Colaboration, workstation and network
infrastructure or services technology implementation projects. Lead the
installation, management and maintenance of all communication equipment on
the Tanesco network.
2. Provide technical advice to manager ICT Communications and infrastructure on
IT architecture and framework on the use of technology to enhance projects
objectives, review information requirements and recommend changes.Provission
of technical guidance,train,team on capacity building on various hardware and
3. Scheduling preventive maintenance for all the TANESCO network equipment
maintaining the communication infrastructure documentation and inventories.
4. Advice on Communication standards and specifications for various
communication needs within Tanesco and do the implementation of best
technologies for optimal performance and ensure availability of communication
resources to the business units with minimal down time.
5. Oversee the implementation projects in the organization to ensure they are
carried out according to the laid down standards and procedure. Evaluate
existing communication infrastructure with a view of ensuring optimal usage
and utilization to cut cost of operation..
6. Provide performance testing across TANESCO to ensure that the infrastructure
network is installed and configured to operate within the established
performance benchmarks.
7. Responsible for recommending and delivering solutions to problems and
opportunities within the scope of performance testing and capacity management
as it pertains to the infrastructure and server.
8. Evaluating existing communication infrastructure between external entities and
TANESCO with a view of ensuring optimal usage and utilization to cut cost of
operation whilst ensuring secure communication between external entities and
9. Monitoring bandwidth use, analyzing traffic patterns and volumes and
determining impact or implications of issues between external entities and
10. Support and create Project and deployment documentation based on the agreed
and defined standards.
11. Responsible to search out and master information on leading edge technologies
in order to maintain expertise in a rapidly changing field.
12. Provide Project plans, reports risk lists, open issues/task and financial overview
where required.
13. Understand and use all other relevant deployment guidelines (Voice,data
Network) and ensure they are 110% implementable.
Key Knowledge and skills required
• Holder of BSc. degree in computer science, Computer Engineering, Information
Communication Technology or its equivalent from recognized Institutions.
• Proven extensive experience or certifications in the following area of
• Basic Telecommunications circuit switched network technologies
-Basic packet network technologies
-Fiber communication Technology
-Web Technologies
-Wireless Communication technology
-Copper wire technology
-Cisco certified Network Associate (CCNA) or Cisco certified network
professional (CCNP)
Other professional skills:-
Must demonstrate expertise in Project Management in communication systems,
and good understanding of the used technologies.Possess excellent
communication and documentation skills.

5.NETWORK ENGINEER 1 POST REF.NO 45Responsible to: Principal Network Infrastructure
The successful candidates will be responsible for designing, Installing, configuration
administration and troubleshooting of LAN/WAN infrastructure using Cisco
routers/Switches/Cisco Pix, checkpoint firewall. Monitor and supervise the
management of network system, and management of email accounts permissions, antivirus,
and anti-spam. Also the overseer of software and network security.
1. Install all new hardware, Systems and software for networks. Lead and.
2. Install configure , maintaining network services, equipment and devices.
3. Supports administration of servers and server clusters on the network side.
4. Plans and support network and computing infrastructure
5. Perform troubleshooting analysis of servers, workstations and associated
6. Documents network problems and resolutions for future reference
7. Monitors network systems performance and implement performance tuning
where is necessary.
8. Supervise the management of email accounts, permissions, anti-virus, ant-spam.
9. Oversee software and network security.
Key Knowledge and skills required
• Holder of BSc. degree in computer science, Computer
Engineering,/Telecommunication Engineering /Network Engineering
Information Communication Technology or its equivalent from recognized
• Thorough knowledge of networking essentials.
• Certifications: in MCSE,CCNA,CCNP,CCIE,CNE
• Systems: windows, Cisco systems,UNIX,LINUX,NOVELL
• Networking :Switches ,Routers Hubs, Servers Cables ,Racks, Firewalls,
LAN,WAN, TCP/IP,DNS,latency,
• Experience on Windows XP,Windows NT,Novell Netware, Linux and Sun

6. SENIOR DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR 1 POST REF.NO. 46Reports to: Principal Business Intelligence and Continuity
The successful candidates will be responsible for maintaining databases and Server,
ability to develop new technical solutions as demanded by technical and business
strategies to ensure data integrity and security. Perform regular review of various
systems and ensure system health is properly maintained. He/she will centrally
administers business systems operations and other IT services to ensure systems are
available to users and are operating at optimal level.
1. Direct, Control monitor and maintain databases for a TANESCO ‘s client-server
system with relational databases.
2. Perform regular reviews of various systems activity logs to determine potential
problems, trends and ensure system health is properly maintained. Resolve
problems occurring on the system ,oversees the management of data dictionary,
installs system software ,coordinates database management on planning the
database environment.
3. Designs data bases and integrity. Responsible for implementing database,
application and operating system s services packs and patches.
4. Implements and maintains database security, defines, allocates and loads
physical database, controls and execute system utilities to create and modify
database structure and establishes standard for database performance. Trace
inappropriate user activities in cooperation with district, state and federal
5. Coordinated interfaces interfaces with other databases to facilitate data sharing
and ensure compatibility. Analyzes system failure and execute procedures to
restore system and data base operations.
6. Restore and recover corruption databases.
7. Compile system efficiency reports as required by management on regular
bases(monthly,weekly,quarterly and year end
8. Perform regular integrity checks of backup’s media to ensure effective disaster
9. Administers a variety of application database systems, specialized database
systems for power plants and other database management Systems (DBMS)
Supports administration of servers and server clusters on the network side.
Key Knowledge and skills required
• Holder of BSc. degree in computer science or information systems. Thorough
knowledge of networking essentials.
• Minimum of 2 years work experience.
• Experience with databases such as oracle 10g MSSQL Server ,Crystal,
• Certifications in Oracle, DB2, Sybase.
• Certification in MSCE in any other field is an added advantage.
• Knowledge in the following OS:- Window Server,linux/Unix, PL/SQL

7. SENIOR ICT SECURITY ANALYST 1 POST REF.NO. 47Reports to : ICT Manager –Communications and Infrastructure
The successful candidates will be responsible for coordinating deployment, monitoring
and maintenance of security measures and systems to protect computer systems from
unauthorized access. Should be able to develop and maintain security policy standards
for ICT systems and databases to ensure timely implementation. It entails protecting
TANESCO’s information systems, hardware, software and database as per approved
policies and procedures.
1. Perform day to day ICT security management activities, including responding to
user problems and rectifying faults .Detect and respond to intrusion or security
breaches. Perform maintenance operations such as signature updates and
software upgrades.
2. Co-ordinate contingency planning and testing, perform security audits and
maintain a systems disaster recovery manuals. Ensure all security
documentation and procedures meet compliance requirements.
3. Execute monitor, investigate, summaries and report on information received
from security devices.
4. Assess the impact of new technologies on existing or planned systems and
ensures proper security education operations.
5. Evaluating the effectiveness of current architecture and process towards meeting
organizations security goals. Also to ensure there is no unauthorized access to
the company network systems and information both external internal personnel
,and ensure physical security of the buildings ,offices where hardware and
software and communication circuits are allocated. .
6. Auditing impact of security technology and processes to ensure that
implemented policy and technology meeting organizations information
technology requirements.
7. Perform ICT security risk assessment and contribute towards better risk
management of the TANESCO‘s information systems. Design risk mitigation
solutions to include business continuity and emergency response plans.
8. Compile system efficiency reports as required by management plus regular
(Monthly, weekly quarterly and year end reports.
9. Delivers and contributes to design and development of specialist IS Security
education and provide training support and guidance to ICT and systems user
management, other staffs and security administrator and their agents within the
organization an all aspects of security policy and control .
Key Knowledge and skills required
• Holder of BSc. degree in computer science or information communication
Technology or related field
• Certificate in information Security Management (CISM)
• Certificate for the information security Professional or Certificate in information
Security Management Principles.
For more details about Job description of the advertised posts please visit our website
www.tanesco.co.tz.Also we do not entertain phone calls/walk in from candidates
soliciting for these positions.

Applications should reach the undersigned not later than 14 days after initial
appearance of this advert.
Email: marygoreth.kapongo@tanesco.co.tz


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